TLDR; more euphoric, empathic and psychedelic variation of 6-APB that seems to be more potent in general, Judging from this one experience it seems like a really great substance, on par with MDMA, suspect stronger hangover effects than from 6-APB, will update on after effects



6–2,3-dihydrobenzofuran(6-APDB) is a stimulant and entactogen drug of the phenethylamine and amphetamine classes. It is an analogue of MDA where the heterocyclic 4-position oxygen from the 3,4-methylenedioxy ring has been replaced with a methylene bridge.

6-APDB, known more formally as 2,3-dihydro-α-methyl-6-benzofuranethanamine, is an analog of the psychedelic drugs MDA and 6-APB. This compound fully substitutes for the entactogen MBDB in animal drug-discrimination studies and blocks the reuptake of serotonin (IC50 = 322 nM) more potently than dopamine and norepinephrine (IC50s = 1,997 and 980 nM, respectively) by rat synaptosomes.1 This product is intended for forensic and research applications.

Strong and long lasting confidence boost

-Increased Empathy (by a LOT during the peak)

-Long lasting pleasurable body high with recurring euphoria waves

-Increased heart rate, blood pressure

-Enhanced color perception, some neon color fractals, flowing visual distortions, occasionally slight trailing effects, occasional 2C-like glitches of perception

-Slowed perception of time

-Significant long lasting stimulation

-Enormously improved music appreciation

-After the most intense rushes of euphoria subside the experience is really clear headed

-Appetite suppression

-Rather psychedelic thought structure lend themselves to deep thinking, introspective trips might be a great idea on this substance as well

How does it differ from 6-APB ?

-Less fractals but lots of swirling / flowing and some visual glitching

-More intense and longer lasting euphoria that is closer to MDMA as it is actually quite rushy at first

-Thoughts seem more like under the influence of classical psychedelics but completely positive in nature

-Seems stronger on a mg for mg basis but this could have been the Piracetam supplementation – will need further assessment in the future

-Stronger confidence boost and all human interaction is even more effortless and pleasant than on 6-APB

6-APDB seems like an improved version of 6-APB in most aspects. Really had a blast this night! I suspect a stronger crash 2 days following this as with 5-MAPB which this compound can almost match in terms of euphoria and empathy. Residual stimulation might be longer than on 6-APB but this is likely to some extent because of Piracetam.

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